Posture, Shmoshture

I hated hearing about “having good posture” when I was a kid. Problem is, good posture becomes very important in later years, in at least two areas: physical and spiritual health.

Physically, bad posture can lead to all sorts of issues, especially when you hit about 50. Neck pain, back pain, hip arthritis, knee problems, who knows what else. YOU DON’T WANT THESE!

Spiritually or psychologically, bad posture can reflect poor self-esteem and even help perpetuate it in oneself (and affect the way others see you). If you think your posture is poor, think about whether it reflects how you view yourself. If it does, working on that issue is the fundamental, but even faking self-esteem through posture can help. Fake it ’till you make it!

What constitutes good posture? You probably have a good idea by now, but look it up! (Thank God for the Internet!) Hint: If you look like a comma, with you back rounded and your head hanging forward, you need to work on your posture. Imagine a string is tied to the top of your head and your puppet-master, God, is pulling it up. 🙂


Give your eyeballs a break!

Hours of staring at the TV, computer screen, iPod, iPad, iX dries out and weakens your eyes (not to mention your brains). Good eye-replacement options aren’t going to be around for a long time, so try to make it a habit to look long-distance at least once every 30 minutes. Out a window into the natural light is good. Relax those close-vision muscles! Do some eye rolls! Breathe! (It’s hard to remember, so set a timer. Lots of apps for that, like 30/30.) . . . All right, I’m off to get an eye-massage.