Heed Your Pain!

Pain, whether physical or emotional, is a sign that something needs attention. Heed your pain — try to find its cause — especially if it repeats itself later on.

Does your neck hurt? Is it because you are always looking down at your smart phone screen? If so, better change the way you view your phone, or you’re looking at degenerative spine issues in your future (which isn’t that far away!).

Do you often feel depressed or angry? Why? Though sometimes the causes are complex and difficult to discern, the quality of your whole life depends on finding answers – even trying itself helps, psychologically.

Growing up, I didn’t experience strong emotions, which makes it hard to be happy. I vowed to change, and did. It has taken decades, but it’s worth it.

Physical and psychological change begins with an act of will – it won’t happen by itself. Seek help if you must. Or even if you mustn’t! Your life is on the line.


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