This blog is a forum where fathers (and “honorary fathers,” e.g. moms, uncles, grandparents) from around the world can post advice for their kids. Anything goes, as long as it is sincere, civil, and within the bounds of US law. Feel free to write in your native language (日本語, Español, 中国語, русский, العربية, etc.) With translation, if possible. Tag appropriately (e.g. “US Dads,” “Japanese Dads,” “Spiritual Health,” “Mental Health,” etc.).**

This is a place where you can give your kids all the advice you wish you had gotten (or taken) from your father, or wish you had told your kids, or even just to keep a written record of your fatherly advice before senility sets in. Don’t worry if it’s good, bad or ugly – your kids will figure it out! If it contradicts the advice of other fathers, so be it! And let it be.

**To Contributors: I’m a novice at blogging, but I do not think you can contribute posts directly. So, please send any contributions to me and I will post them with attribution.


Latinos: Si hay contribuciones, hágame el favor de mandarlos directamente a mi. (Siento, pero no puedo escribir bien en Español. Si hay algo para corregir, dígame por favor. 🙂


русский: Может кто-то написать сообщение на русском здесь ?
العربية: يمكن للشخص كتابة رسالة باللغة العربية هنا ؟
Feel free to add your own language here! 

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