The Ghosts of Injuries Past

Injuries occurred while young will often haunt you when you’re older. For example, I tore a muscle in my back snow skiing and still feel it in the form of weakness and pain in my back. So, try to avoid injuries! Sounds obvious, but it’s easy to forget. 

Two things to do: (1) prevent injuries NOW with strengthening and limbering exercises (look them up); (2) do rehab work soon after. Don’t wait until you’re too old!


Beware of the “Just (five more minutes)” excuse

Whenever you find yourself rationalizing an action with, “Just a little more” or the like, STOP! It’s probably a bad idea.

Example: “I’ll windsurf in the the hot Okinawan sun just 15 more minutes.” 30 years later, I’m still paranoid of being in the sun and skin cancer. Not to mention the extra age spots and over-thin skin.

In the Locker Room

When you are changing in your bedroom, locker room, or wherever, don’t sit. Stand while putting on your socks, pants and shoes. This will help your balance as you get older so you don’t fall and break a hip. And you will get older, so get in the habit now!

Also, when tying your shoes, stretch your hamstring! This could save you weeks on the bench watching while your teammates play your favorite sport.